Spring manufacturers I offer support and assistance

in business development
in change management

Industrie Federn

Springs are my world, my favorite subect

I want to help my customers become better, more profitable, more efficient and more modern.

Wolfgang Hermann
Technical springs made of metal are my world

- international network to manufacturers in Germany, Europe, all over the world
- very good network to research institutions 
- excellent professional knowledge, industry knowledge and market knowledge
- many years of experience in manufacturing, manufacturing (process know-how), measurement and testing, application, damage analysis, standardization of technical metal springs


I want to help my customers to become better, more profitable, more efficient, more modern

I offer spring manufacturers support in business development - in change management

  • to develop the company in a targeted way
  • to develop strategic and tactical ideas
  • to open up new markets
  • to discover new opportunities and potential
  • to evaluate sales opportunities
  • to develop promising business relationships


I offer spring users support in finding a suitable spring supplier for them

  • component selection
  • quality control
  • damage analysis
Wolfgang Hermann

1977 – 1980 Apprenticeship, qualification as machine fitter
1981 – 1985 Study of precision engineering, HS Furtwangen, degree Dipl. Ing.
1985 – 1989 Siemens; process automation
1990 – 1991 Swabian Chamber of Crafts; technical consultant
1991 – 1993 BÄKO Swabia; Head of Logistics and IT
1993 – 2003 Augsburg spring factory; executive Director
2004  – 2.2022 Managing Director Association of the German Spring Industry, VDFI
2004  – 2.2022 Managing Director of the VDKM (Association of Wire and cable machine manufacturer)
2004  – 2.2022 Member of ISO TC 227 as an expert
2014  – 2.2022 Chairman of ISO TC 227
2014  – 2.2022 General Secretary ESF
2009  – 2.2022 Chairman of the Advisory Board DIN NA 26



Wolfgang Hermann
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